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ZuluTrade is the pioneer of Social trading as it was the first to launch a stable trade copying platform in 2006. Since then it has grown and improved significantly with the overall trade volume of more than 5 million USD and growing each day. ZuluTrade was the first who saw the need and potential for a platform where traders could exchange and share the knowledge and strategies allowing others to copy them. In comparison with Etoro ZuluTrade is not a broker, it is a trade copying service and unlike eTorowho provides signals/strategies only from its own platform, Zulu users can see and copy strategies from from more than 53 foreign exchange brokers (who each have thousands of traders who provide signals). Other strong side of Zulu Trade is their advanced trader filter with 28 indicators which allows to search for the best traders according to individual preferences towards trading style, risk etc. You can also connect Zulu Trade to different broker accounts you have.  The default and most friendly broker for ZuluTrade is AAAFx, but you can also use Zulu signal copy functionality on top of FXCM, Ducascopy and many other brokers.

Being a potential follower of signal providers it is important to understand the principles of how the signal traders actually earn their money so you can make smarter decisions. While for example etoro pays a fixed sum for a specific number of copiers (100$ for 10-24 copiers, 1000$ for 101-150 copiers, etc.), Zulu Trade on the other hand looks not only for quantity but for bigger activity and amounts traded and it pays 1/2 pip for a lot of copied trades. For you as a follower this means that the ZuluTrade signal providers will try their best to make better and more convincing trades.

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User friendliness

[icon name=icon-key] Key figures

[icon name=icon-arrow-right] Founded: 2006

[icon name=icon-arrow-right] Headquarters: Greece

[icon name=icon-arrow-right] Number of brokers: 50+

[icon name=icon-arrow-right] Platforms: web, iPad, iPhone, Android.

[icon name=icon-arrow-right] Contacts: [email protected]+30-213-0176-399 (International charges might occur)

[icon name=icon-thumbs-up] Pros

[icon name=icon-plus-sign] Dynamic and versatile community of more than 50 brokers.

[icon name=icon-plus-sign] Wide choice signal providers / traders to follow and copy

[icon name=icon-plus-sign] Advanced trader search filter

[icon name=icon-plus-sign] Signal providers are interested in followers quality not only quantity as they earn not only from the amount of copiers but also from their activity and trade size.

[icon name=icon-plus-sign] The criteria for getting in the top signal traders list is being varied from week to week so you get fresh signal providers and an unequal dominance is avoided.

[icon name=icon-plus-sign] ZuluGuard – protects acount capital from harmful strategies and behaviour.

[icon name=icon-plus-sign] Very well developed, friendly and functional user interface

[icon name=icon-thumbs-down] Cons

[icon name=icon-minus-sign] There are quite a few inconsistent signal providers or traders who try to manipulate with the statistics to get higher rankings, so you must know how to find good signal providers and avoid dishonest ones on ZuluTrade

[icon name=icon-minus-sign] Traders can provide signals also from demo accounts so you must filter out those who use their own money


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