TOP 69 Best Brexit Jokes And Memes – The Ultimate Collection

Best Brexit Jokes

Our team of Brexit joke analysts has spent 5+ years to bring you the ultimate collection of the funniest Brexit memes, caricatures, and cartoons.

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Pay attention to the joke/video Nr. 69 – it’s quite creepy how precisely they predicted the Brexit agenda back in 1981.

Ok, to start with, here’s a short summary of why Brexit happened:

0. Hopeful message from the future.

Borris Johnson old wrinkled future UK 2035 saying a few more months and we've got this beat

The solution is near.

1. There there, let me help you get back in. #Bregret

Nobobdy can help you if you don’t want to hep yourself.

2. Sweet victory

Brexiteers on a raft saying so long suckers

Freedom has a salty taste.

3. Just like Rick and Morty

Brexit meme rick and morty jumping in the portal

Quick in and out.

4. Can you guess how the British pound reacted to this event?

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5. Dropshipping business idea

Brexit joke Remainian passport sleeve Don't blame me I voted remain

Remainian passport sleeves. Free shipp… sorry, not included. Bureaucracy at customs, you know.

6. Mama knows best.

Mum was a wild animal.

7. They have no choice but to stop and obey!

Brexit meme Parking the bus Tory style in front of train

You can do miracles if you just believe in yourself.

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8. She’s definitely not single after making this dope sign.

9. Mistakes are never ours.

Brexit meme guy on a bike puts a stick in his wheel mistakes are never ours

10. Every time someone uses Comic Sans, a kitten dies.

11. Boris outlines the Brexit plan.

12. Louis CK never jokes around.

Brexit meme Louis ck of course foreigners steal your job

13. Can you find where the piece of cloth came from?

Brexit caricature boris johnson ship flag cloth hole in sail

14. Pff… who needs Europe! Let’s see how they struggle without our beans and marmite.

Brexit meme food from europe vs british food

15. At the start it seemed like a great idea.

16. Who’s the boss now?

Brexit cartoon UK-EU trade talks continue long table

17. Robbie Williams has hinted that “Take That” is planning a reunion. They should launch with this song.

18. Pretty precise, except the walls should be reinforced concrete.

boris johnson runs through wall - Good, except the walls should be reinforced concrete


19. They said we will save  £350 million of NHS money every week after leaving the EU.

brexit meme kermit the frog as NHS waiting for their 350 million that were promised by brexiteers

20. Boris holds all the cards!

Brexit caricature boris johnson on a board about to jump either you move towards me or i will leave

21. How did the Star Wars negotiations end?

22. Should’ve asked Johnny Depp before voting for the Brexit.

Johnny Depp brexit meme with a boy on bench what kind of brexit you voted for

23. Ouch, poor Geri Halliwell.

24. This is how the Brexit paperwork is done.

Brexit joke 10 euro banknote with britain crossed out

25. The Cabinet of the UK is the collective decision-making body of Her Majesty’s Government…. and it’s made of plywood.

26. Bulletproof tip on how to save money on Netflix.

27. Destroy the UK economy with no deal or admit Brexit was a bad idea. Hard choice.

Brexit meme man can't choose the button either to destroy british economy or admit that brexit was a bad idea

28. British spies are doomed. No way to catch those bad guys. Even parkour won’t help.

29. The Brexit classic.

30. Europe so mean to little doggies.

Brexit meme two dogs big one UK as world leader and now as a poor dog


31. Brexflix and chill.

Brexit meme an old bishop drinks wine when you voted to leave the EU but you gonna die soon drinking wine

32. You can avoid problems by not seeing them!

Brexit meme boris johnson with a mask over his eyes we havent seen no evidence of russia meddling in brexit

33. Jeremy Clarkson and the EU is devastated.

Brexit meme Jeremy Clarkson hears that boris johnson threatens to leave the european union with no deal oh no anyway

34. Just push it stronger, Dad!

Brexit joke brexit is your confused dad getting angrier trying to push a hdmi cable in a usb port


35. Great idea. Even better execution.

Brexit meme water tap hack done wrong

36. The revenge of the old people.

37. Breakups are tough.

38. Masters of the sea.

Brexit joke ship as titanic drowning people filming with their phones in water

39. Just pour some hot tea, sit back, and enjoy.

brexit tea coffee mug cup with holes


40. Only electricians (and plumbers) should be allowed to immigrate.

41. Bring it on! I’m arrow-proof.

Brexit meme knight in armour  I'm ready for Brexit and gets an arrow in the helmet hole

42. The famous Brexit bus taking back control.

Brexit meme the brexit bus let's spend 3 years tearing society apart over a brexit deal we end up breaking so the place we get a third of our food from sues us during a pandemic recession

43. Lightbulbs are the priority.

44. Cats = small lions. Or lions = big cats?

Brexit caricature lion runs through doors and turns into a cat

45. Unexpected twist.

46. After four years of analysis the central bureau of statistics came up with a Brexit cost-benefit pie chart.

brexit cost benefit analysis pie chart with zero benefits and 100 percent costs

47. Mom, Brexit peed in my shoes again.

48. Just a little threat and they will fold.

Brexit cartoon Boris Johnson sitting on edge of a cliff with scissors about to cut himself loose saying i'm warning you to european union

49. The weird country no one has heard of.

50. You can squeeze Great Britain into a USB drive.

51. Don’t worry, we have various exit options.

Brexit joke hard brexit and soft brexit as hanging ropes


52. Can’t be a rapper without knowing your currency exchange rates.

53. Ok, getting a dragon is relatively easy.

Brexit meme little girl sits in the lap of santa claus and says that she wants a dragon for christmas or a brexit trade deal thats better than eu membership be realistic says santa

54. Last one is denial.

Brexit meme the five stages of brexit

55. It’s true. The active ingredient for Viagra is produced by Pfizer in Cork, Ireland. A softie guaranteed.

Brexit joke soft brexit viagra made in ireland by Pfizer

56. A hug can replace thousand maps and food.

Brexit cartoon lone ship in the sea did anyone bring maps and food or fishing rods

57. That’s quite a brexity maneuver.

Brexit joke about a taxi driver brexit as a word for something stupid

58. Who needs treaties when you’re the ruler of the oceans?

Brexit cartoon Bori johnson as the captain pirate of a small ship  saying that treaties are for girly swots

59. There are festivals that you can’t escape from.

Brexit joke - brexit is like going home from a party because the music is too lound but your home is a tent in the front garden of the party house


60. Spice Girls negotiation class.

Brexit joke spice girls song tell me what you want

61. The new Brexit stamps must be licked from both sides…and edges as well.

brexit stamps funny archer shoots himself person shoots in his leg and guy palms his face

62. C’mon, EU! That’s so rude.

Brexit joke UK thinking of breaking the law

63. A subtle elephant in the room.

Brexit meme elephant in the room with a sign that brexit is a shit idea in front of politicians

64. F*ck off, but first save our lives.

The home office says NHS doctors nurses and paremidcs with UK work visas due to expire will have them extended so they can save our lives and then get expelled from the united kingdom

65. World-class self-esteem or just delusion?

Brexit joke easiest deal in history after four and half years three prime ministers

66. I hope you don’t leave the union… as we did.

Brexit joke EU and UK balls talking to ireland i hope you dont leave the union

67. Brexit in a nutshell.

Brexit joke protest A woman holding a sign saying the vote to take back what we never lost

68. The band needs me more than I need the band. I hold all the cards. I have a part in every piece the band plays.

Brexit cartoon - a percussionist saying - i am leaving the band to pursue a solo career


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69. Can you believe this? “Yes, Minister” forecasted Brexit back in 1981.

Britain has had the same #ForeignPolicy objective for at least the last 500 years – to create a disunited #Europe””… “to make sure the common market didn’t work; that’s why we went into it”