Best jokes about Brexit – the ultimate collection

Scroll down to see the most complete collection of the best jokes and funny street signs about Brexit.

The whole Brexit situation is such a mess that there are only two good things that have come out of it:

1. The jokes and memes.

2. Possibility to profit from selling the British Pound.

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Pay attention to the joke/video Nr. 23 – it’s really creepy how they depicted and forecasted the Brexit agenda back in 1981.

In case if you are not familiar with what the Brexit is, here is a short summary of it:

1. There there, let me help you get back in. #Bregret

2. Someone uploaded Boris Johnson’s post-referendum speech onto Pornhub with the following title…

3. Mama knows best

4. She’s definitely not single after making this dope sign

5. Every time someone uses Comic Sans, a kitten dies

6. At the start it seemed like a great idea

7. Robbie Williams has hinted that “Take That” is planning a reunion. They should launch with this song

8. How did the Star Wars negotiations end?

9. Ouch, poor Geri

10. The Cabinet of the UK is the collective decision-making body of Her Majesty’s Government…. and it’s made of plywood

11. Bulletproof tip how to save money on Netflix

12. British spies are doomed. No way to catch those bad guys. Even parkour won’t help.

13. The Brexit classic

14. The revenge of the old people

15. Breakups are tough. You have to be compassionate. Britain should’ve written a note

16. Only electricians (and plumbers) should be allowed to emigrate

17. The UK apparently has issues with lightbulbs

18. Luckily it wasn’t Geri Halliwell who did that

19. My Brexit peed in my shoes today

20. The weird country no one has heard of

21. You can squeeze Great Britain in a USB drive

22. The pound exchange rate is falling. Maybe not that much though

23. Can you believe this? “Yes Minister” forecasted Brexit back in 1981.

Britain has had the same #ForeignPolicy objective for at least the last 500 years – to create a disunited #Europe””… “to make sure the common market didn’t work; that’s why we went into it”

24. The average Brexit voter?


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